Cloth Cover-11" X 5"

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Min. Qty
500 Pieces
Sply. Capacity
1000 Pieces / day


  • Perfect for secure everyday home and business mailing. Our security windowless envelopes perfectly fit standard paper sizes and other large documents. Easily fits invoices, letters, checks, and more Just peel and seal to create a strong lasting seal: no more headaches
  • Our self seal design is quick and easy and is guaranteed to stay sealed. No need for tape or glue sticks use for mailing documents, catalogs, direct mail, promotional materials, and brochures
  • Give your documents the protection they deserve with these durable envelopes stock resists rips and tearing
  • Envelope designed for ultimate protection. Protect what's inside. Superior moisture, burst and tear resistant protection
  • Ideal for schools, offices and home. .
  • These Cloth Envelopes are made up of supreme quality fabric that makes them more durable and attractive.