PVC Glass Wiper

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Min. Qty
10 Pieces
Sply. Capacity
1000 Pieces / day
  • 3-In-1 Functions in One High Quality Cleaning Tool. Machine Washable Microfiber Head with Super Absorbency Removes Dirt, Dust and Stains.
  • Micro Fibra cleaner Thanks to its velcro system, changing the mop is very easy. Microfiber mop. Removable bottle
  • Glass cleaning wiper ,Tiles cleaning wiper Most useful cleaning tool for your Kitchen, Bath, Laundry and Other Household
  • Integral spray cleaner, synchronized water, spray, wipes, cleaning the same time, the windows become clean Magic Spray Car Window Glass Cleaning Wiper Brush Clean Glass Wiper. Widely used in flat surface windows, glass, mirrors, floors, cars, etc.,
  • Material: PVC Plastic.